The Floor



We’re a group creators and industry experts that decided to create a business co-operative of communities, to augment what is now a skewed internet. Did you know it needs millions of views online for a creator to make a minimum wage? They just don’t get much of the money we all pay. We’re starting a revolution to change that.

FOR THE PUBLIC welcome to the start of a creative revolution. Deal directly with creators without any middle-people (corporations that generally take almost all money we pay - for themselves). You get what you love much cheaper and creators get paid fairly. No annoying ads and no data kept about you other than membership details. No Artificial Intelligence, only Human Intelligence.

FOR CREATORS AND GURU’S of all kinds and genres, please get in touch and tell us about yourselves and what’s on your mind. You don’t have to be in the UK, we have plans to expand and to have public and creator events in all kinds of places. Together we’re stronger!

FOR BRANDS we have some new exciting ways to inject creativity into your business using the good parts of the internet. Align your Brand with authentic and purposeful creative projects, reaching communities that would otherwise be hidden behind algorithms.

FOR INVESTORS OR SUPPORTERS of this Creative Revolution, we’d love to tell you about our innovative ways to invest in [TF] and creators.

PRESS & PARTNERS If you want to hear more about what we are doing to Uncompromise Creativity for Undiscovered Artists of All Kind than we’d love to hear from you and help us bang the drum. Contact

To make contact please email’d love to hear from you.