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World Jam

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World Jam

World Jam

Saturday 15th August, 2020

17:00 - 19:00

Livestream on The Floor


The Details

Do you want to come and Jam? Or just take in the friendship and vibes? It's free but by joining you get on our direct private mailing list. 


We started in Lockdown when we were all confused, scared and every other thing you can have to bring you down down down.  We wanted to be with other musicians and Jam but we were all told it can't be done, you can't keep in time online and the conference calls sound pretty bad quality. 


But as you've guessed we found a way and musicians from all over the world came together of every level to jam in our now special virtual world jamming community. 


Please come and play or watch and see our special 6 show biweekly with themes about the Lockdown and World Jam roller-coaster. Made possible by Groovy Gecko who have some other technical tricks up their streaming sleeve for the future!


Calling all musicians: to join the jam, come to our Facebook group.  We'd love to have you!

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World Jam

World Jam

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