Isolated Together
The Floor

The Floor Team have combined forces with The Floor Community to help keep creators and fans connected through direct digital experiences. From Exclusive Live Streams to Guitar Lessons for Kids, creators are responding to the crisis in unique and innovative ways.

Here are just some of the things that have been happening to keep creativity alive amid the chaos, anxiety and domestic boredom.

Live Streams on [TF]TV


The show must go on! As many events have had to be cancelled, musicians and performers have been thinking of other ways they can reach their fans in real time. We’ve already been exploring live-streaming and now more than ever we recognise its importance for creators!

Connecting audiences from the comfort of their homes to high quality video and audio live-streamed performances, we are actively re-imagining how creators connect digitally with their fans. Currently we are collaborating with [TF] Ambassadors Kyan and Shingai to put on LIVE performances via digital stream.

Creative Education


The UK Government’s decision to close schools was undoubtedly a very welcome and wise one. Having your kids at home comes with challenges for parents forced to juggle keeping their jobs and keeping their children alive and out of the biscuit cupboards.

Many of the [TF] Community worked in education, from private tuition to school teachers and have been thinking of other ways to engage young people with creativity through the internet!

Digital Dramas


One of the first industries to be hit is the theatre industry with the government advising people to stop attending theatre shows. So much of what defines theatrical performance is its immersive and in the moment energy. Theatres were on the cusp of a major production and many actors are out of work as performances are postponed or cancelled.

We’ve been brainstorming ways to enable actors to create in new and innovative ways, from audio recordings, immersive conference call plays and live-streamed monologues. We want to support artists of all kinds to pursue their passion, adapting to whatever circumstances arise.

Let’s push things forward

In this uncertain time, the [TF] Team has decided to accelerate some features in order to enable better connectivity. Many creators’ livelihoods have already been drastically affected. We want to ensure that everyone using The Floor will be able to keep their communities engaged and benefit from financial support from fans.

So we’re collaborating with creators to broaden digital opportunities available on our platform as well as setting up commenting/discussion functions so that it is easier for artists and audiences to communicate!

On top of this we will be churning out high quality content on all the things you need to stay creative, curious and courageous in these strange times. From the best animated series to binge and be inspired, and ways to balance being productive and patient in times of anxiety.

Calling all creators, brands & fans


If you are a creator struggling to stay connected with your community we’d love to see if we can help you through this challenging period:
Email or fill in a creator application form.
(*Please note we only have limited spaces for applicants but will do our best to get back to you with any ideas, information or contacts that could help).


We need your eyes, ears and support! If you love creativity, identify with the plight of all artists who have been affected by the virus or are simply bored of Netflix and conference calls then please explore and support the creative community here and start your feed.


We’d love to hear from brands who could help support the creative community in times of need. We have opportunities to support projects or sponsor live streams.
Email to find out more.

Press & Partners

If you want to hear more about what we are doing to Uncompromise Creativity for Undiscovered Artists of All Kind than we’d love to hear from you and help us bang the drum. Contact