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Making Pure Passion Pay

Making Pure Passion Pay

Uniting Creators with Fans that truly appreciate their work is our mission.

Paying creators fairly and providing them with incredible tools is in our DNA. That’s why Creators can start a page, and receive donations for free!

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Explore The Floor, discover new talent and personalise your Floor Feed by following the Creators you love.

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Be Part of Our Community

The Floor only carries creative content. Our mission is to unite Creators of all kinds with their fans globally and to unite Creators across the creative industries.

Join Creators of all kinds from across the world and share ideas, experiences and best practice within our community.


For Fans

We’re here to help you support creativity.

The creative industries are notorious for paying Creators unfairly. But you can change all that by joining The Floor and paying Creators directly!


For Creators

We’re here to empower your creativity.

However you create, The Floor helps you directly connect with your Fans and get paid. Starting a page with us is free!


For Events

We’re here to make awesome events.

We don’t just allow Creators to create and sell their own events. The Floor also curates streamed, physical and hybrid events with our production team and partners.

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Check out amazing creators, and the events they are making.

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The creative, being able to have their voice fully unchained from social pressure and telling their story, is what this new world needs...great to be a part of that!