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There is nothing like seeing a creator do their thing live!

On The Floor, you have access to tickets for Physical Events in venues and Live-Stream Events that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. All made by Creators on the platform.

When you subscribe, you can even get discounts and free entry.


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Connection between us is key! When you subscribe to a Creator on The Floor, you can create direct conversations with them and keep up to date with their goals and projects.


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Creators have been at a financial disadvantage for a long time. The industrial reproduction of content has often resulted in them signing away their creative rights for life.

By joining The Floor, you are empowering Creators to grow organically and to retain their creative power. Go you!


Ensure Creators are seen and paid fairly

The creative, being able to have their voice fully unchained from social pressure and telling their story, is what this new world needs...great to be a part of that!

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