The Floor
Uncompromising Creativity


What [TF]? Digital and physical experiences direct from Artists-to-fans, exclusives and discounts in a collective of passionate creators, authentic audiences and like-minded partners, Uncompromising Creativity from the internet full of targeted ads, computer controlled journeys and private data surveillance. It's skewed!

We love.

  • Passionate artists that get fairly seen and paid
  • Growing communities that care about creativity
  • Creative people using their talents for good

We loathe.

  • Life without creativity
  • Manipulative Ads models
  • Likes and Views not paying
Brave Creators Bold Ideas


We exist for a collective of courageous and talented artists finding it harder than ever to get their work seen or paid online. The internet is so large, computers are deciding everyone's search and feed results - just for ads money. Authentic creativity is lost in the noise. With [TF], artists get seen organically and paid directly from the fans loving what they do, with memberships, merchandising, exclusives and discounts. We bring everyone together in a personalised digital feed full of creative inspiration. Social media, online content from anywhere is brought together with 'exclusives' in a space of our own.

Pure Passion Pays


We did our homework and decided it's time to start a creative revolution. The Internet became creepy, relying on targeting us with Ads using our private data. As creators we posts to our followings yet posts only reach 2% unless we pay to advertise. Only 0.0012% of us make great money, others are giving up making very little from Ads or Likes. We barely break-even from our public performances or work. Creativity is important in life and work, join a fan community today, be inspired and help us to Uncompromise Creativity. 

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