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Our Mission

The Floor aims to be the best direct-to-fan digital ecosystem for Creators and Fans that there is. Our focus is solely on creative content (unlike other direct-to-fan platforms), as is our belief in the power of creativity to affect global change for the better.

We’re curated by humans for humans and have opted out of the problematic data driven and mining ads model.

Our Story

The Floor was founded by two tech innovators who were shocked by how poorly creativity was served in the digital marketplace given the potential solutions there now are.

We saw a real opportunity to disrupt the current exploitative model, by creating a fair platform that focuses on real talent, community and a collective content hub.

Since 2018, we have assembled a dedicated team of creatives who share a passion for rewarding creativity fairly and are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Meet the Team

We’re a team that deeply understands, and are passionate about, the creative industries. That’s because most of us are a part of them too!

Kaiya Milan


Simon Pennock

Co-Founder & Chairman

Jonathan Pennock


Gabriel Burns

Head of Product

Lavar Bullard

Head of Production

Pepps Pepper

Technical Ops. Manager

Emily Ogle

Media Marketing and Social Assistant


Pup-Lick Relations

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