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We believe that creativity should never be limited due to lack of economic means, however in today’s climate that is often the case. Our creators make up our platform and so we endeavour to support them. Just as we provide the tools for content lovers to support their creators, this is our way of supporting too.

We’re delighted with the creative outcomes that have come from our previous creator fund recipients, so much so that we’ve decided to increase our offering. Let us know how much you require to get the most out of your upcoming project. We want to help you put on that event, create your merch, get that album off the ground.

The project remains fully your own, (although if the project excites us we may ask to get involved!)

At The Floor we are a community that strives for equality of opportunity, discoverability, collaboration over competition and celebrates diversity. It is important that in joining us you align with these values. By utilising the platform you can build a direct relationship with your true fans by offering exclusives for your subscription members and/or hosting events

Creatives most active in using their Floor page and in asking their existing following for support, will be favoured highly in the decision making process. Apply before 23:59 on June 16th.

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In order to be eligible for The Floor Creator Fund you must:

1. Have an active Creator page on with at least one membership offering.

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2. Live within the UK.

3. Be a Creator within the creative industries.

4. Be genuinely in need of The Floor Creator Fund to sustain your creativity.

5. Be happy for your likeness to be used for media promotion.

Recipients of The Floor Creator Fund will be expected to take part in a profile piece highlighting their creativity (shared across The Floor networks) and invited to participate in the creator showcase (Date TBC).